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WordBrain Hints


The ONLY app that gives Word Brain hints, not full answers!Are you stuck in Word Brain, and just need a hint to move forward? With Hints for Word Brain, you control exactly which hints you see. Reveal one letter at a time for only the words you're stuck on. Keep the game challenging. You don't need a list of all the answers handed to you. You just need a little nudge in the right direction.
1 - Select level pack (Owl, Whale, Dinosaur...)2 - Select the desired level3 - Click the '+' button next to the word you're stuck on, to reveal one letter at a time4 - Swipe to go to the next level
FEATURES:- No intrusive ads!- Hints for ALL levels in English, including the 5 newest level packs (Dinosaur, Dragon, Monster, Robot, Unicorn)- All answers have been play-tested and verified for accuracy- Conveniently move to the next level with a quick swipe- Works on phones/tablets
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